Dave White is an English freelance content creator.

Focusing on creating website designs for small companies, he also writes short news articles, commentaries, blog articles and instructional texts for various copywriting platforms.

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Dave White is an English freelance web content creator. Over the last five years, he has gained a good audience across multiple platforms and websites for his clear, concise article writing.

Studying for an HND in Business & Finance in 2004, he eventually attained seven distinctions throughout the course and developed a full appreciation of business and economic matters.

He has always shown a strong interest in continuing education, both on a personal level and in tutoring others. During his early career in engineering, he tutored many apprentices through various engineering classes.

Outside of work he takes a keen interest in playing the guitar and has previously held a part-time position teaching guitar using the London College Of Music syllabus. He has a firm interest in computer operating systems, in particular, the lesser-known Linux operating system and also with HTML coding and web development.

His focus now is on writing short news articles, commentaries, blog articles or instructional texts.

Dave was born in Somerset, England where he still lives with his wife and family.