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City Visits From a Fresh Perspective

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When choosing a foreign holiday destination, the previous experiences of family or friends are often your initial trusted source. Advice from friends is always helpful but the prospect of sharing exactly the same holiday is not for everyone. Even if you're visiting the same city, the memories of your visit need not be identical. As an example, The Eiffel Tower receives seven million visitors a year. Its iconic notoriety makes it an obvious choice for most visitors to Paris, but only a 12-minute drive across the city at Montparnasse, there's another stunning Parisienne attraction.


The neighbourhood of Montparnasse is a cosmopolitan area vibrant with clubs, bars, restaurants, and cinemas. The 210 metre Montparnasse Tower with its smoked glass exterior is impressive. The luxury of its top floor restaurant is accentuated with a 360 degree, panoramic view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower standing directly ahead in full view.

Examples like this are found in any major city worldwide but are sometimes missed without intimate local knowledge of your destination. Adding a sprinkle of expertise from a travel consultancy into your holiday recipe will customize your experience and ensure it's as rich and diverse as possible.

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Montparnasse Tower: Image from my own collection.