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Saskatchewan an Overview by David White

This is an original unpublished article (Written August 2019) (UK English)

In the North, a natural wilderness of forests, sparkling blue lakes, and broad rivers systems offer unparalleled choices for Nordic style accommodation, fishing, hunting, and exploration. In contrast, the Southern area with its beautiful landscape of gently rolling grasslands is home to most of Saskatchewan's larger towns and cities. Visiting Saskatchewan during May will see temperatures of around 15 C and in general, temperatures will rise across the Province throughout the year to a peak of approximately 30 C. The Winter months from November to May are known to be cold and often below freezing. To anyone who loves fresh air and nature, the lure of Saskatchewan's 650,000 square kilometres of open space and the diversity of its city attractions will be irresistible.

Outdoor Adventure In Nordic Style

The expansive waters of Lake Athabasca in Northwest Saskatchewan covers 7,850 square kilometres and the numerous resorts and lodges along its shores provide year-round accommodation for active vacations. Some resorts here specialize in trophy fishing but others also provide facilities for boating, camping, canoeing, and hiking, giving a balanced, family orientated experience.


Image Via Flickr by Ron Cogswell.

Dark starry nights outside around the camp-fire compliment a day of active family fun around the lake. Looking to the north, over the lake, and beyond the forest, the sky often turns a shimmering green as the northern lights perform a dazzling display. Saskatchewan is known for its dark clear skies and the Northerly location of Lake Athabasca provides a perfect venue to see this display at its best.

For the more adventurous explorer, the Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park at the Southern edge of Lake Athabasca offers guided tours of its expansive dunes. The 100-kilometre long dunes are up to 30 meters high in places and are a natural wonder in terms of wildlife and insect species. There are no facilities anywhere along these dunes so independent visits are not advisable.

Regina, A Beautiful City With Natural Attraction

Around 1,200 kilometres from Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan's capital Regina, shows its modernity with tall smoked glass buildings and cosmopolitan hotels, bars, restaurants, and caf├ęs. With all the amenities of a modern city, Regina contrasts directly with the natural wilderness of the Northern lakes yet it still retains a closeness with nature at the Wascana Center.

On the Southern side of Regina on a 930-hectare site, the Wascana Center houses some of Regina's major attractions. Within its grounds, Wascana Lake forms a centerpiece and a walk or cycle ride around its perimeter shows its natural beauty. A well-curated pathway around the lake leads past the Royal Regina Museum which features stunning displays of science and natural history. Further along, the Saskatchewan Science Center offers a modern, interactive experience for families to learn about science and nature. The Kramer IMAX Theatre forms a part of the experience and shows popular and informative films in full 3D. During the Summer months, boating is popular on Wascana Lake and at various places, boats can be rented to explore the lake and the small wooded islands within its waters.


Image Via Flickr by NSPaul.

Everyone has a unique, ideal vacation. For some, a summer vacation must include a beach, sunshine, sand, and swimming pools. Others have countless other ideas of what their ideals should include. To anyone who lives and works in a heavily populated area, Saskatchewan has many qualities which will make it seem like a paradise. One thing is for sure, across the Province of Saskatchewan, there is huge scope for anyone to find what it is they're looking for and take lasting memories home with them.